标签: 电吉他 , 总谱


This tab took many hours of development so if you feel 
like stealing any part of it please think about it twice, 
corrections are accepted and appreciated =)

For better audio results, enable Realistic Sound Engine 
(RSE) Not intended to be used with MIDI, may sound 
different than what it should.

I was going to do vocals but I decided not to because 
there where many tracks already.

Drumms and bass were done by ear, I don't play 
drumms nor bass so there might be errors, if so, feel 
free to correct them, and add vocals if desired.

Hope this tab is helpful =)

节拍:Moderate ♩ = 198

  1. Padge (Lead) - 失真音效吉他 Distortion Guitar
  2. Padge (Lead) - 失真音效吉他 Distortion Guitar
  3. Matt (Rhythm) - 失真音效吉他 Distortion Guitar
  4. Matt (Rhythm) - 失真音效吉他 Distortion Guitar
  5. Extra Guitar - 失真音效吉他 Distortion Guitar
  6. Jay (Bass) - 指拨电贝司 Electric Bass(finger)
  7. Moose (Drumms) - 敲击乐器
注释:Press F5Wrongly transcribed pick slidePretty accurate solo
标记:IntroVerse 1Pre Chorus 1Chorus 1Re introVerse 2Pre chorus 2Chorus 2BridgeSoloBreakdownFinal bridgeChorus 3Outro
歌曲: Disapppear

艺人:Bullet For My Valentine

专辑:Scream Aim Fire

作词:Bullet For My Valentine

作曲:Bullet for My Valentine ...

Bullet For My Valentine - Disappear

Once again the same thing's on your mind!
A piece of war what goes on inside
Will you pay for what you've done?!
Payback's such a bitch,
Her vengeance haunts you!

So what’s wiped off all the tears
You draw me to this and now you disappear
I won't exacerbate, your turn to be afraid
Knock knock you're almost done, oh god, just what have I become?

Your try to fight, it only makes things worse
Screams of agony upon others!
Now you're begging for your life!
All the times I bled my vengeance takes you!


Your sleepless dreams turn into fears
It's almost done, their almost gone
Our darkest days, they fade away
It's almost done, their almost gone





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